Say hello to our brand ambassadors May - Oct 2017
First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered the search. You really all were fantastic! I had so many short lists, honestly, I would have been delighted with any one of you! But I could only pick 6, and here they are!
Miren Berasategi from Spain
Miren Berasategi from Spain: “Sunshine Yellow in the sunshine, and a baby trying to catch the waves. Beach season coming soon here! Mum of 2 boys, 4yo and 9mo. After 4 years of babywearing, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no perfect wrap – I just need one for every occasion!”
Ann Clarkson from Scotland
Ann Clarkson from Scotland: “I’m Ann, mum of 2 boys. I wore my eldest a little but really got into babywearing with my youngest who’s 1 next week. I love to get out and about hillwalking and couldn’t do it without babywearing. We are lucky enough to live on the west coast of Scotland where the scenery is amazing.”
Cindy Flowers from North Carolina, USA
Cindy Flowers from North Carolina, USA: “I’m a mother of one, recent graduate student of Agricultural Marketing, seeker of simple living. I am passionate about local foods and love to travel. Baby wearing has been a part of my parent experience from the beginning and has been the way I have stayed mobile and connected to my North Carolina community and has made travelling possible as a new mom. I wear my daughter everywhere: meetings, farmers market, festival, conferences, farm tours, galleries, airports, and more! I’m so happy that my daughter can join me on the adventure!”
Sînziana Ionescu from Romania
Sînziana Ionescu from Romania: “I’m a 29 years old fresh mommy and we’ve welcomed our baby girl just 5 months ago. Since her birth, with my husband’s help, I dedicated all the time to my recovery and to consolidate my lifetime bond with her. Babywearing brought me patience, time to reflect about the new light in our lives, much more love and a soul to soul connection that’s beyond words. Being a Calin Bleu Brand Ambassador will be a different experience for me, a new and enjoyable one, which will give me daily inspiration to my mom-daughter activities, a lot more involvement, ambition and new occasions of creating special moments while representing Calin Bleu during our dearest moments.”


Sarla Roshi from Zagreb, Croatia
Sarla Roshi from Zagreb, Croatia: “I’m a babywearing consultant and mother of two little boys. In love with babywearing for almost four years.”
Lexa Chatfield from Kent, UK
Lexa Chatfield from Kent, UK: “I am a mama of a little boy, Jake who is now 2. I’ve always been passionate about baby wearing, when I lived in Japan, slings were more common then prams! I love being able to be close to my boy, especially when he’s tired and we can have cuddle and chat. I’m really excited to share my babywearing journey with Calin Bleu!”