New Limited Edition Summer Colours from Calin Bleu

After choosing Turquoise for the new spring 2016 colour for Calin Bleu, we decided to run a giveaway on Facebook.

All you had to do was guess the new colour. (If you’re not already following Calin Bleu on Facebook , do that now so you don’t miss out next time.)

We were surprised at how many people wanted really bright and bold colours. Well as we love colour it inspired us to see if we could create some more new colours for summer.

And this time they would be BRIGHT!

Here’s what happened.

  1. I chose the colours I wanted to create and worked out quantities of dye I needed for each colour.
  2. I asked the factory to send me 20 natural, undyed cut and unfinished wraps.
  3. I washed 5 wraps in the machine.
  4. I placed the dye in the machine with the damp wraps on top.
  5. I watched the magic happen!
  6. I washed the wraps again.
  7. I hung the wraps out to dry while I ran another wash through the machine to get rid of any traces of dye (this didn’t always work!)
  8. I repeated the process 3 more times until all 20 wraps were dyed.

Here’s the progress of the batch we call “Sunshine Yellow”.

The machine was full when I unfolded all the natural wraps and put them in.

Then they soon shrink down after a wash.

See how the dye gradually works its way into the fabric? It’s fascinating to watch 🙂

How to dye baby wraps using Dylon dye

The finished result is at the end, the unfinished dry wraps waiting to go back to the factory to be finished and packed up ready for their new homes 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak at all the colours.

New Limited Edition Summer Colours from Calin Bleu

When the waps are ready for sale we will announce it on Facebook so make sure you follow us there.

There are only 5 wraps of each colour so you’d better be quick if you want one!

We are currently trying to get the dyers to replicate the colours, but bright and bold colours are very tricky, so we don’t know if we’ll be able to get any more done yet.