Calin Bleu products have a truly international appeal thanks to their breathability and versatility. We thought you might like to hear a little about our new retailer in Hong Kong, The Sling Collection!

Founded by two working mums in Hong Kong, The Sling Collection is a brand-new online library and retail store, opening up the world of baby-wearing to parents in the area. Hong Kong’s busy streets are notoriously tricky to navigate with a pushchair, yet baby-wearing is still a relatively new concept. The Sling Collection aims to help parents in Hong Kong find suitable, affordable and ergonomic baby carriers to meet their daily needs, by offering a growing range of wonderful wraps, slings and carriers from worldwide trusted brands.


“Currently the choice of baby-carriers in Hong Kong is very limited” says founder, Charlie Thomas. “Most of the brands available in shops are not suitable for the hot and humid weather or come with expensive price tags. Parents are therefore put off the idea of baby-wearing despite the numerous proven benefits to the baby’s development.”

Charlie and Joan are both mothers keen to engage other parents and to lead the baby-wearing revolution in Hong Kong. Joan’s husband, Jackie, who directs the company alongside Charlie, is a proud baby-wearing dad who is eager to spread the word of baby-wearing in Hong Kong and encourage parents to ditch the pushchair in favour of a sling, wrap or SSC. Many HK parents think baby-wearing is complicated, but Jackie says “Baby-wearing is very straightforward – if a dad can tie a tie, he can carry his baby in a wrap or sling”. In this style-obsessed city, Joan adds “there are so many different fabrics, colours and patterns available. Baby-wearing is very fashionable!”

Founder Charlie and her daughter Elsie in their Calin Bleu wrap.
Founder Charlie and her daughter Elsie in their Calin Bleu wrap. will launch in two parts: the retail side of the business will launch at the beginning of 2016 and the full site, complete with library rental facility will be available at the end of January. Until then, all carriers are for sale via the Facebook page