You may be surprised to know that cotton gauze wraparound slings are firm favourites for winter babies. It’s true that they are loved and recommended by mums and dads who have summer babies to carry, however, there are some great reasons to use them in the winter too.

Calin Bleu gauze wrap worn inside in Winter
Calin Bleu gauze wrap worn inside in Winter

Baby’s temperature regulation

You probably know that you should keep your home at a nice constant temperature for your baby’s benefit – around 16-20C.  Of course you don’t want your baby getting cold, so it’s easy to layer him in so many clothes that he gets overheated.  It’s important to remember that when you carry him you add your own body heat to his. If you’re using a wraparound baby carrier then you must also count that as a layer too.

Central heating & winter clothing

When you’re inside on a cold day you will likely have central heating to keep you and your baby comfortably warm. If you’re wearing warm clothing inside too then using a lightweight cotton gauze wrap like the Calin Bleu means that you and your baby will not overheat when you are carrying her around inside as you go about your day.

Calin Bleu Mystic Blue cotton gauze wrap
Calin Bleu Mystic Blue cotton gauze wrap

If you and your baby are feeling perfectly warm inside then simply put on a coat to keep yourself warm. Make sure your baby’s extremities are covered  – legs, feet, arms & head where appropriate and as long as you are not too hot or too cold then your baby will be the perfect temperature too. Remember, it’s important that you carry your baby in a breathable fabric, especially when under your coat. When you’re carrying your baby in the winter it’s good to know that by keeping him close to you you’ll know when he’s the right temperature.

Using the wrap over a coat

Alternatively you can also use the wrap over your own coat which is great if you want to go out with your baby and are likely to take him out of the carrier. It can become very difficult and cumbersome to use a thicker, bulkier fabric over the top of a coat, when you are already wearing lots of layers underneath, so the light fabric of the gauze wraps means you don’t struggle getting the wrap tightened just right. Your baby or toddler can then be dressed appropriately for the weather as the gauze carrier will not overheat him or you.

When it rains

If you’re using your wrap over your coat then when it rains you won’t feel it getting too heavy as it weighs less than 0.5kilo! Because it’s so lightweight it dries very, very fast – even in the winter if you hang it to dry, though of course you can tumble dry it quickly too 🙂

Calin Bleu gauze wrap ocean teal folded small
Calin Bleu Ocean Teal gauze wrap folded small

What if your baby is at the up and down stage? 

Well keeping your wrap with you, folded up really small and safely stashed in your bag, is a great way to make sure your can comfortably carry your toddler whenever you need to, for a long as you need to. You have plenty to carry around with you when you go out with your baby, especially during the colder weather when you may have to lug around coats too, so make it easy on yourself with a lightweight wrap.

Ideal starter sling

If you’re not sure whether a wrap is the right type of carrier for you then a Calin Bleu gauze wrap is an ideal first wrap due to its low cost and no fuss, solid colour choices. As you can see you can use it from newborn to toddler, throughout the colder months and then you’ll see why experienced babywearers rave about them in the summer when they really come into their own.

Happy babywearing in the summer and winter too 🙂