baby carrierLast (for now!) in our series of Parents’ Tips: Here are a few ideas to help you get ready to go out and about with your baby carrier.

Buy a huge raincoat or parka which can fit over you and your baby so that in the rain you can zip up over both of you.

Make sure you have an appropriate changing bag which is comfortable to wear with your baby carrier (a lightweight drawstring bag or rucksack is ideal). Pack light.

A baby carrier is very handy when you need your hands free to attend to siblings, cook the dinner (be very careful with anything hot or sharp – babies can reach further out that you think), do the shopping, and do some work etc…

Don’t forget your baby wrap can also be a pillow, a blanket, a black-out blind for a car seat, a discrete breastfeeders friend, a rough&tumble accessory as well as being the wrap your baby adores to snuggle, feed, observe and sleep in!

Get yourself a funky granny shopping trolley for transporting all your clobber whilst babywearing 🙂

If you’re worried about wrapping in public, remember that pretty mcuh everyone watching doesn’t have a clue if your getting it right or not. They pretty much without exception will just be looking on in amazement at how clever you are and not critising your technique.

A sling mirror can be great for helping you see behind you both to check your wrapping and once they are a bit bigger to keep an eye on a little one who is on your back.

If you have a baby and a toddler, always keep a baby carrier with you. If your toddler gets tired you can put baby in the sling and toddler in pushchair.

Take sling on holiday with you, ideal for airports, train stations, and to help soothe overtired children.

Finally, not a tip but happy baby wearing!

We hope you enjoyed this series of article on Parents’ Tips. You can also find more information about using a baby carrier on our website. Do you have any other ideas to make babywearing easier and more comfortable?

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