baby sling safetyMore babywearing tips we received from parents on Lactivist. Today, we’re focussing on the safety aspects of carrying a child in a baby sling.

You should always read your sling instructions very carefully. There might be some specific guidelines for your type of baby sling.

For more information on the baby’s safety and recommended position, visit Baby Sling Safe.

  • Keep baby high, to save pulling your back and shoulders. If there isn’t space to put a finger under baby’s chin then adjust immediately.
  • Frequently check the hollows of your baby’s knees to make sure they are evenly supported.
  • Check baby’s head is at kiss level, and its hips are higher than knees, they’re comfy and supported then, and you’re good to go!
  • If you want to breastfeed in your baby sling / wrap, practice at home first so you can work out how to do it comfortably and easily once out and about.

Babywearing safety isn’t just about the baby’s safety. It’s also about making sure that parents don’t injure themselves while carrying their child. If you have a bad back, remember that your baby sling isn’t just for long distance. You can use it to carry your child short distances rather than carrying them in your arms.

If you carry your child on your hip, master the sling over your dominant shoulder first. Then swap shoulders regularly.Remember to stand tall and straight at all times.

If you need to lean forward, make sure you support your child’s head with your hand and bend at the knees. Tuck the wrap tails in your pockets or wrap it around your waist so that the fabric doesn’t get caught it anything or cause you to trip.

Only buy a brand you are happy with, cheap knock offs made in china often use untested dyes in the cloth that could be unsafe for baby. Be weary of aluminium rings, steel is stronger. Although there is no specific industry standard for baby slings, most reputable slings are tested by independent safety agencies. Double check that your baby sling carries the following label: This baby carrier complies with EN 13209-2: 2005