babywearing dadsThere are few things cuter than a father carrying a baby in a sling and there are endless reasons for dads to join the cool “babywearing dads”.

  • You can establish a close bond with your child. If you work and spend more time away from your children than you would wish to, babywearing is an incredible way to catch up on lost time.
  • When baby is breastfed exclusively, some dads can feel a bit left out. Babywearing offers an easy, convenient, and incredibly powerful alternative.
  • Fairly early on, a baby can hear voices in the womb. Deep men voices are easier to hear than high-pitched female voices. Being held close to your chest allows baby to hear your voice as he did in the womb, providing familiarity and reassurance.
  • You can give mum a break to catch up on sleep, shower, and eat her meal with both hands (I know! Most people take that for granted. As a mum of a young child, I can tell you – eating a meal uninterrupted and with both hands is rare!)
  • You can go wherever you want without being limited by a bulky pram.
  • It looks cool.
  • You get a lot of positive attention wherever you go.
  • Babywearing isn’t limited to dads. Grandfathers, uncles, older brothers, godfather, friends, and relatives can all be invited to carry the child. It’s a moving way for the baby to feel part of the family. It gives mum and dad a chance to rest too.
  • Nestled in your arms or perched on your back gives the baby a great vantage point onto the world. From there, he can observe what’s going on around him and learn.

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