baby wrapA natural baby wrap isn’t just a plain baby sling. It has the potential to be unique, amazing, and bring a smile on your face every time you wear it.

Take a look at these amazing wraps for example.

These special Calin Bleu wraps are dyed by hand by Yvon from Storm in the Attick, the expert in dye with natural resources in the Netherlands. They are painted in rainbow colours. They are a size medium (4.60m) and on sale at LilaBaby. Hurry, there are only two wraps left in this amazing collection.

The natural baby wraps are the ideal starting point for tie dye baby slings or to get the exact shade you want. The natural cotton fabric is left untreated, unbleached. If you are planning to leave it natural, we recommend that you wash it a couple of times to let the fibres regain their original stretch. To keep a creamy colour, make sure that you use washing powder without any brighteners.

Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, we have several more stunning wraps to show you – where to buy your very own tie dye wraps right here in the UK and some tips on how to dye your very own unique Calin wrap

Remember that you get 20% off when you buy three Calin Bleu natural baby wraps. Get creative, these are perfect for you to dye any colours you wish! Keep them for yourself or give as a present to a friend – the choice is yours!