When I was pregnant with my first child I read a bit about the importance of physical contact for babies and thought that a carrier sounded like a good idea. I bought a Wilkinet and it was a godsend as my son, Oscar (now 10), wanted to be carried all the time and cried whenever we put him down.

When my second child, Delilah (now 8), was born I carried her in a sling a lot too as it was the safest place for her to be with an inquisitive and sometimes over-affectionate older brother! By then I also believed quite strongly that there were many benefits of babywearing so I was keen to keep her close to me.

However as she was a heavy baby I had to search on the internet to find suitable carriers for her once she got past the early months. I bought a woven wrap which was a revelation. I couldn’t believe how comfortable and supportive was and although wrapping seemed daunting at first it was much easier than I had expected. Other mothers kept stopping me in the street to ask about it, so I decided there was a gap in the market.

I set up Little Possums from home at the start of 2004 when Delilah was nine months old. I was lucky to have lots of great advice and support from other small business owners who I found through various online parenting forums. I expanded the business slowly at first and gradually added new products to the range that we offer.

Little Possums is a mail order/web based business but we take great pride in the detailed and comprehensive advice that we give on our website. Customers often comment on how useful they have found it when choosing a sling. We’re always happy to give additional advice by email too.

We have been selling Calin Bleu products ever since Calin Bleu started selling wholesale. We even had the first exclusive limited edition. It’s always great to be able to work with other small UK businesses and Calin Bleu are a pleasure to work with. The Cool Gauze wraps are a consistently strong seller and a popular choice for parents with babies of any age.