baby wrapWhen parents try on the micro fleece baby wrap for the first time, their reaction is one of two: “Wow! I can’t feel my baby’s weight.” or “Wow! It’s so soft.”.

The special fabric chosen for this baby wrap is truly unique:

  • It is softer than any fleece you’ve ever seen. Some parents are worried about the polyester composition but the fabric feels more like velours.
  • It is lighter than any micro fleece we’ve ever tried. This means that both parent and baby can be comfortable inside and outside. In winter, simply slip a coat over yourself and keep your baby’s feet warm with a pair of socks or booties.
  • The fleece also doesn’t bobble in the wash. You can wash and dry your baby wrap overnight. To keep your wrap in pristine condition, we do recommend washing it by itself or with other fleece items on a gentle cycle. It dries so quickly that there is no need to tumble dry it.
  • It is less stretchy than most fleece fabric, meaning that you can continue to use your wrap with an older baby. Provided that you pull on the fabric as you wrap, your child is nicely supported.
  • It is an ideal baby wrap to learn ‘baby wearing’. The slight stretch makes it more forgiving: your wrap is comfortable even when it’s not perfectly tied. The colour panel helps you find the centre of the baby wrap.
  • It is the perfect baby wrap for newborns as you can take them in and out of the sling easily to feed them or change their nappies.
  • Parents recommend this wrap for babies suffering from reflux. The fabric can simply be wiped down when need be and washed occasionally.

Do you have a fleece baby wrap? What do you think of it? Would you recommend it to other parents?