baby wearingA newborn baby requires a lot of attention from his parents. Mummy is usually tired from the pregnancy, labour and birth and the lack of sleep. Breastfeeding takes time. So with or without a baby sling, a newborn requires a lot of attention from you.

Carrying the newborn in a baby sling will allow you to care for the little one while having your hands free for older siblings. By breastfeeding in a baby wrap, you can have your hands free to read a story at the same time. You can also carry the little one while going to the park, pushing the swing, taking them to school or helping them with their homework.

Other ways to help your toddler:

– Read books together to explain what baby will need and how he will grow up.

– Give your child a play sling or make one up with a scarf. Children like doing like mummy and daddy

– Print out our baby wearing drawings to colour in together.