Of course at Calin Bleu, we love a baby wrap and we hope to share our passion for this type of sling.

A baby wrap is extremely comfortable and spreads the weight evenly between both shoulders, the back and hips. It is an excellent choice for parents who suffer from back pain or will be carrying the baby for long periods of time. A baby wrap is also versatile: you can carry the baby sitting in a hammock position, upright facing you, upright facing forward, on your hip or as a back carrier. If you and your partner are very different in size, you will still be able to use the same baby sling.

Calin Bleu specialises in light baby carriers. They are easy to care for: they are all machine washable and dry quickly. The Calin Bleu are all soft from the first wash so you don’t need to “break them in”. Giving them a quick wash before you use your carrier lets the fibres regain their natural stretch.

A baby wrap can have a bit of a learning curve, mainly because of the length of fabric. However, every time we give baby wearing demo, people’s reactions is always “oh, it’s not as difficult as it looks”. It takes a few days to get used to. Read our top tips for a first time baby wearer and get in touch with us if you have any questions.